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American Soccer Corp.

American Soccer CorpAmerican Soccer Corp (ASC) is a US based soccer investment holding company which invests in soccer related businesses, soccer brands and professional soccer clubs. The currently holdings of ASC include: San Diego Boca FC of the National Premier Soccer League(NPSL) and the BOCA Soccer Store and development and construction plans for BOCA Stadium in San Diego, CA.  Click here for more information about American Soccer Corp. Stock

Choosing an attorney when playing soccer

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Press Release: American Soccer Corp Announces It Is Listed On The German Boerse Stock Exchange

For Immediate Release: American Soccer Corp (ASC) announced that is has been listed (Stock Ticker: 5CR.F – Frankfurt Exchange – Yahoo Finance) on the German Boerse Stock Exchange.   American Soccer Corp. current holdings include San Diego Boca FC of the National Premier Soccer League, a retail soccer store operation, The Boca Soccer Store and soccer stadium plans for a 18,500 seat facility located in San Diego, California.

American Soccer Corporation’s Director of Corporate Finance, Charles Cibulka commented, “This is a great milestone that our company has achieved. The process of becoming a public company has taken over six months to complete and we are very pleased be listed on the highly esteemed German Boerse Exchange.”

Cibulka continued, “We have felt the German Boerse Exchange was the most suitable public stock market for our business considering the overall popularity of soccer in Europe and its perceived current growth potential in the United States.” ASC believes soccer in the U.S. has grown over the past 15 years with the formation and development of Major League Soccer (MLS) along with the North American Soccer League (NASL), National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), and United Soccer League (USL) forming what today is a true business landscape for professional soccer in the United States.

Cibulka said “Our goal is to make investments in soccer related businesses and to grow the sport of soccer throughout the United States. I believe soccer deserves to be recognized as a world-class sport in the U.S. as it is around the world. Investors who want to invest in shares in American Soccer Corporation can contact their brokers or do so through their brokerage accounts.”

American Soccer Corp. is a soccer holding company specializing in strategic investments in soccer related businesses, soccer brands and professional soccer clubs is seeking to raise 20 MM which will be utilized primarily for stadium development, construction and for general working capital.

Source: American Soccer Corp Announces It Is Listed On The German Boerse Stock Exchange

San Diego Boca FC Proposed Stadium

American Soccer Corp is proposing a new stadium in San Diego, for the San Diego Boca FC.San Diego Boca FC Soccer Stadium

With soccer becoming more and more popular in the United States and success of other soccer stadiums in the United States like the Red Bull Arena in Newark, New Jersey, the American Soccer Corps is hoping to boost the economy and the interest of soccer in the San Diego, California area.

This is a mockup of the soccer stadium design that is proposed.

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